Metal Roof Painting

Whether you call it an iron roof, colorbond roof, corrugated roof or metal roof, there is one thing that is common for them all - After a while, they all start to fade and need repainting.

There are a lot of amateur roof painters around that are not very successful at painting metal roofs because they have never properly been trained and they use the wrong products.

If you have a metal roof that needs painting there is only one name you need to know - Bowral Roof Painters.

We use the most advanced roof coats and painting technologies to ensure that your roof will look as good as new. As metal roofs are exposed to extreme temperatures, unique coatings need to be applied that can contract and expand. At Bowral Roof Painters we have tested and researched an array of the industry's most innovative products to ensure that we can provide the highest standard of metal roof painting services in the Southern Highlands.

We thoroughly prepare the surface to ensure that all pollutants, grime and grease are removed. Once the surface is properly cleaned, we apply a primer coat that utilises nanotechnology which penetrates deep into the metal to ensure superior bonding and adhesion.

Our final coatings are of the highest quality and will dramatically improve the appearance of your property.

Don't waste thousands of dollars paying for a full roof restoration, when we can provide you with professional metal roof painting for a fraction of the cost.

For more information on our services and a free quote, call us today on 0424 699 240.